Who We Are?

Our Vision

Which one came first – hunger or illiteracy?

Let us address the elephant in the room

When addressing the concept of illiteracy in India, one of the first things that come to our mind is hunger. While many may question the connection between hungry and illiteracy, there is an undeniable link.

To eradicate hunger and illiteracy, the Government of India introduced the Midday meal scheme that feeds children at school-going age.

At Annamrita, we strive to blend excellence into the midday meal scheme. We believe that beyond just being fed, it is imperative that children get nutritious and wholesome meals. Through better nutrition, children can concentrate better while studying. And, with the promise of good food, the attendance in schools grows multifold.


Striving in life is basically striving for food. Food which is regarded sacred in every culture and belief. Food which is the fuel of life and everything that unleashes its power to provide living beings with this holy manna is held as auspicious. 

We believe in the power of food which just not render us with life’s energy but also instrumental in shaping our traditions. Serving food is basically nurturing life. 


The primary and most important objective of our institution is to serve this heavenly glory for free to anybody in need. Those who cannot afford the basic meals of the day are provided with satiating portions by the members of the organization. People belonging from any community, from many walks of life are free to avail these services and may also contribute to this generosity if they like. 


We serve healthy vegan food which could just not satisfy the hunger but also is nutritional in nature obscuring the harmful effects of junk and greasy food. We entertain no discrimination either in its contribution nor in it partakes. 


We regard this food a blessing of the deity, the Prasadam. It is very sacred to us as we regard it to be consumed by the heavenly provider himself. The quality and the purity are at most priority for the organization and any deviation is strictly monitored, serving food which is fit and best for consumption.